Tamae Kusakabe
Born in Fukushima, Japan.

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・Radio personality ・Photographer ・Martial artist

10歳でハーフカメラ(OLYMPUS-PEN EED)に出会い、1991年4月オリンパスホール、1992年6月新宿ニコンサロンで個展を開催し写真集を自費出版。写真家デビュー。モノクロ写真で都市(TOKYOIZM)と社会装置(遊園地)をテーマに撮影。日本カメラ、アサヒカメラ等に掲載される。20歳のとき「城達也のJET STREAM」に出会い、2013年12月かつしかFMでパーソナリティデビュー。企画・構成、one-man DJで60分番組を担当。様々なジャンルの歌や曲の背景をドラマティックなスクリプトで構成し、マイクネーム「和泉カナル」の語りで紹介する音楽ドキュメンタリー番組を制作している。趣味は武道。稽古している剣道・合気道・空手道・居合道・弓道はすべて有段のマーシャルアーティストでもある。好きな芸術家は世阿弥。映画はジーナ・ローランズの「グロリア」。

Encountered a half camera (OLYMPUS-PEN EED) at the age of 10, held a solo exhibition at OLYMPUS HALL in April 1991 and at SHINJUKU NIKON SALON in June 1992, and published a photo book at her own expense. Her photographer debut. She took black-and-white photographs with the theme of cities (TOKYOIZM) and social equipment (AMUSEMENT PARKS). She will be featured on 『NIPPON CAMERA』,『ASAHI CAMERA』, etc. At the age of 20, she met 「TATSUYA JO's JET STREAM」and made her personality debut on Katsushika FM in December 2013. She is in charge of planning and composition, a 60-minute program with one-man DJ. She composes songs of various genres and the background of the songs with dramatic scripts, and produces a music documentary program that introduces the story of his microphone name IZUMI CANAL. Her hobby is Japanese martial arts. She is also a martial artist who is practicing KENDO, AIKIDO, KARATEDO, IAIDO, and KYUDO. Her favorite artist is ZEAMI, and the movie is 「GLORIA」by Gena Rowlands.


Radio Program

  • ●78.2MHz community fm radio at MUSASHINO FM BROADCASTING SYSTEM(むさしのFM)
  • ・「MIA Plaza」2024.4~
  • ●78.9MHz community fm radio at KATSUSHIKA FM BROADCASTING SYSTEM(かつしかFM)
  • ・「Space wind (宇宙の風)」2021.4-2023.3
  • ・「SOUND PLANET (音の惑星)」2015.1-2017.6
  • ・「かつF倶楽部」2014.7-9
  • ・「ラジ活」2013.12-2014.3


  • ・「TOKYOISM モニュメント~水際の泡 (monument~foarms on the water edge)」2-8.June,1992 / SHINJUKU NIKON SALON,Tokyo
  • ・「遊園地 (amusement park)」,3-16.April,1991 / OLYMPUS HALL,Tokyo


  • ・『TOKYOISM モニュメント~水際の泡 (monument~foarms on the water edge)』2.June,1992 / self-publishing,Tokyo


  • ・日本脚本家連盟 第4回企画発表「新人賞」受賞 「南西諸島の島唄から大和のあなたへ ~奄美・沖縄の島唄と唄者からのメッセージ~」27.March,2015


  • ・All Japan Kendo Federation (全剣連) 錬士 Renshi 6th Dan / menber of Zoshukan Konnou Dojo (蔵修館金王道場)
  • ・All Japan Kendo Federation Iai (全剣連・居合) 4th Dan / menber of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Tokushikai (無双直伝英信流 篤志会)
  • ・Aikikai Foundation (合気会) 3rd Dan / menber of Hombu Dojo (合気会本部道場)
  • ・All Nippon Kyudo Federation (全弓連) 2nd Dan / menber of Koganai-city Kyudo Renmai (小金井市弓道連盟)
  • ・Japan Karatedo Federation (全空連) 2nd Dan / menber of Goju Ryu Karate Senbukai (剛柔流 泉武会)
  • ・Shiseikan,Meijijingu Budojo (明治神宮武道場至誠館) / menber of Budokenshuka (武道研修科)


  • ・Access to a camera(OLYMPUS-PEN EED) for the first time,1969
  • ・Knew SHIGEMORI KOHEN by 『写真の思想(photograph philosophy)』(USHIO SHUPPANSHA,1972),1979
  • ・NIPPON ENGINEERING COLLEGE,Tokyo,Japan / Diploma of Broadcasting Work and Art,March,1981
  • ・TOKYO COLLEGE OF PHOTOGRAPHY,Tokyo,Japan / Advanced Diploma of Photography,March,1991
  • ・MEIJI UNIVERSITY,Tokyo,Japan / Bachelor of Political Science,March,1995
  • ・SENDAGAYA JAPANESE INSTITUTE,Tokyo,Japan / Completed all the requirements of Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hours above.),March,2019

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